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Tariqa is a trio featuring Alec Stansfield on Guitar, Owen Dias on Bass and Kevin Dempsey on Drums. We play a wide variety of rock and blues music with an emphasis on melodic and musical expression.

We present our music in two different formats: one is an intimate acoustic band featuring guitar, stand up bass and cajon. This is suitable for private parties and events where the instrumental music adds to the ambience of the event.

The other format is a higher energy rock / blues format with a more traditional three-piece electric sound and full drum kit.

We play a number of instrumental pieces as well as some well-loved rock and blues standards - everything from the Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix numbers to the more esoteric instrumentals of “Johnny A”

Playing OxJam in Bath 2013

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Tariqa at The Bear in Chippenham

Photo by Keisuke Suzuki